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Home safety

A Quick Guide on How to Protect Your Family from Burns and Fires

Children explore the world by touching, climbing, and experimenting with anything that grabs their attention. It can be quite challenging to always keep track of a curious child.

Water safety - Outdoor safety

Pools, Parks, and a Visit to the Emergency Department?

Water safety

A Parent’s Guide
to Water Safety

Home safety

One Question Every Parent Should Ask

Home safety

Be Cybersafe: How to Navigate the Internet Safely

Home safety

It’s Okay to
Not Feel Okay

Outdoor safety

A Parent’s Guide
to Safe Sports

Home safety - Outdoor safety

How gun violence impacts a child’s health

Outdoor safety

Walk this
Way Safely

Passenger safety - Updated

Let’s Ride
Safely Together

Home safety

Suicide Prevention:
Keeping Kids Safe

Passenger safety

Rules of the Road: Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

Sleep safety

A Child safe sleep, A parent sound sleep


2022 National Conference

December 2-4, Ft. Lauderdale

National Injury Prevention Day

November 18, 2022