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Outdoor safety

Enjoy a Safe Summer: Prevent Heat-Related Illness

The sunny weather and tropical climate make South Florida a wonderful place to live.

Water safety - Outdoor safety

Pools, Parks, and a Visit to the Emergency Department?

Water safety

A Parent’s Guide
to Water Safety

Home safety

One Question Every Parent Should Ask

Home safety

Be Cybersafe: How to Navigate the Internet Safely

Home safety

It’s Okay to
Not Feel Okay

Outdoor safety

A Parent’s Guide
to Safe Sports

Home safety - Outdoor safety

How gun violence impacts a child’s health

Outdoor safety

Walk this
Way Safely

Passenger safety - Updated

Let’s Ride
Safely Together

Home safety

Suicide Prevention:
Keeping Kids Safe

Passenger safety

Rules of the Road: Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

Sleep safety

A Child safe sleep, A parent sound sleep


2022 National Conference

December 2-4, Ft. Lauderdale

National Injury Prevention Day

November 18, 2022